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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Blaming is never a Solution.

Blaming could never be a good option.

Yesterday I had gone with my mother to see a good friend of hers after a long time.Everything
was good and I felt nice to meet my aunt and her daughter,younger to me,studying in standard
12th.My mum so happy and excited as she knew she's gonna chit-chat after long with her friend.
I was getting bored and the only option was to get myself busy scrolling down newsfeed on facebook.
It seemed to me as if the gossip of the two pretty ladies is endless and then my aunt turned
to me calling my name.I replied her and she went on asking me about my studies and latest
plans and pursuits pertaining to my career in the near future.This conversation then shifted to her
daughter and she happened to tell us about the studies of her daughter.She sounded very worried as
this was her daughter's boards and perhaps she wasn't a good student. Aunt had lots of complains
and in no time her complains turned into blames.Blaming everyone and everything possible beginning from the school's management and academics to the tutor's classes ending to government and The Almighty.She was like "School is not doing their jobs well!";"We are paying handsome fee and they are not paying attention to my daughters development!";
"None of the teachers are teaching well.They are incapable";"We are just made fools and weakness of my daughter in academics is their fault." Tuition classes were not spared in any case and so does God but certainly God is use to of it.And I after hearing her blames went into introspection.I thoroughly thought about it.
You know I then realized that I also do the same.I am also busy blaming the situations and people and life and God. Everytime there's a feeling of rebuking when things do not fall in their place.This is our favorite pass-time as well.

I realized that very moment that Blaming is never a solution to the problems in your life.If something isn't the way it should otherwise be you need to make it that way with your sincere and honest efforts.Blaming upon situations and people around for the ups and downs is worthless.The kind of mind-sets we have developed these days and the way world around us has become Blaming is the much obvious first-approach of ours in every harsh and lows causing to us.We first blame thoroughly,criticize,rebuke strongly and to the fullest about things not going well or a failure or a fight etc and then we think about making some efforts to get them corrected.Believe me that's the last approach.Our attitude has become that way.This has not happened because of him.I am not good in academics because no one taught me well.Failure happened to me because my fate is poor.I gone through the heart-break,destiny is the reason.I often end up with loss because Laxmi isn't with me.I am dark,God is harsh.Country is not progressing,ministers are useless.Corruption is on peak,Government is dishonest.And there are countless blaming dialogues my dears.Have any one of us ever questioned ourselves?What we have done to make things better?What is our contribution?Is there any accountability of ours?How many times we have came forward to get things corrected?We are busy picking one or the other according to our comfort.I do it and you do it and believe me everyone does.This has perhaps our approach and way of dealing with the life's lows and prickly diffs.Knowingly or indeliberately we act this way.And No one is to be blamed for it.Neither the life and its situations,circumstances and people in it nor we.All we need to do is stop blaming and start acting.Acting upon the wrong and lows happening to us to make them better and peaceful.

"A man get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying."

Approach should be a positive one that could eventually come up with a solution that is capable of resolving the issues.Instead of complaining work hard to make situations a better one.Its much productive to search your own past and find what caused your faults.If we are unsuccessful,we need to work even harder.If we end up in failure,we need to learn from it and correct our faults.If things are not falling in their correct place,time has yet to come.
But I certainly feel that all the approach and the efforts should be in the direction of resolution to a problem or issue that is affecting us.All the focus should be on ourselves and on what we are doing to be better and happy.
"When you realize that everything springs only from yourself,you will learn both peace and joy."

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Nothing to Wear Syndrome! ! 😂😉

Hahahaha!! Girls..Smiling right!!

Hey Girls you all must be very happy to be a Victim of this Syndrome and surely never wanted
to be cured.And for those who aren't suffering this happy syndrome my all sympathies are with them
but guys you are boring and for sure diverging from the track of being a typical girl always
greedy to get more and more in their wardrobes and still have nothing to wear.I am very happy
victim of this syndrome called 'THE NOTHING TO WEAR SYNDROME.' This syndrome often affects and
makes me realize its presence and that too at the very right moment..HAHAHA!!

Actually last night when I was going for a birthday party of my cousin I happen to struck hard by this deadly syndrome when I opened my cupboard to choose a perfect dress for the occasion.I scoured my wardrobe but only to realize that I HAVE NOTHING WEAR.And you know there started my panicky.I was as usual
cribbing that I don't have much dresses now!! What do I wear now? All the dresses are out of fashion
and infact I had already worn them so many times!! Seriouly I was once again a complaint box grumbling
about the so called issue of 'nothing to wear'.You will often find me whinning about this serious issue.
and my parents would be like 'You have such a big collection.''You are always buying something for yourself!'
:/ :/ Guys they are really serious about this but you know this syndrome is very hazardous and uncontroallable.:( :(
(HAHAHAHAH!!) I am helpless and moreover very happy to be helpless.:P :P

Let me tell you all I am big greedy when it comes to clothes and accessories. Every other weekend you will find me in the market picking up one or two dresses or may be other items like shoes,bags and other fashion items and still I will be like it is not enough and to be frank I think it's never gonna be enough for me.
My endless avarice is a symptom of this syndrome.I anyhow managed to pick a better one dress for the occasion
with a compromise attitude and firm thought to go for the shopping the very next day.This is not done!! :D

My fellow girls would be relating to this issue of mine for they have surely gone through this situation many a times in their lives too.They now know(those who were ignorant of this) that we are all too innocent and whose the culprit here?

This syndrome is the villain in the greedy story and we are just happy innocent victims.HAHAHA right girls!!
This avarice for more and more fashion goods is actually innate and We can't help it.
I feel its absolutely ok to be greedy for this case.We have got all the rights to look new and beautiful every single day making guys heart throb with a sigh!! Girls so next time when this syndrome hits you be more than happy and get your skates on and shop.Festive season is on and you are soon going to get hit with this.Get yourself some more items and fulfil the dosage of the syndrome.Happy shopping!! Cheers Girls!!
This was really fun writing.I hope you all equally enjoyed while reading.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Making Peace with your Past.

 Past(of course a bitter one) has the power to ruin your present and demolish your future..
With these words I would wave my hand and say Hello to everyone.
This blog is probably my selfish way of speaking my burended heart out with the hope of reaching a peaceful settlement with my past very soon.Past affects all of us some or the other way and could be a solid reason of the restlessness in your present.We all fight with these bitter experiences at some point that lifes brings in to us.
Sometimes,believe me it becomes very hard to negotiate with your past.I have felt Past has all the power to bring
storms and thunder in your life and you could find yourself so helpless and weak to rescue yourself out of this havoc.

I am constantly trying hard,infact very hard,to get over some things in my life but in vain.I feel I have being trapped by my past.Every detail etched in my memory,moving like a slide show of photograph on a big screen(my mind) no matter how much I make myself
busy in any buisness this film is screening every moment into my head.I am running and past is following me and this seems a never ending race.
Past not only snatches your peace of mind but also fills you up with immense regretion and endless grudges.I filled my heart with hatred,rage and anger in order to get over the things unaffectedly.Perhaps a very weird situation it is! A person like me who's in the favor of letting go off the past is itself fighting alone a tough battle with the past to kick it off.

But during all this phase I came across some realizations and they are helping me in some way to give a tough fight back.
The more you stop yourself from recalling your gone things,the harder they hit you with their gone presence.Do not try to control the time and its deed.Believe what's done is done and for sure it can't be undone.Past can only bring back regretion and tears and leaves you with so many unanswered questions which keep bombarding your head and affecting your heart.With Intolerable pricking pain past will continue spearing your mind and soul deep into the layers,augmenting with
time unless you accept it as a unchangeable part of life.I realized fighting a battle with the past would never let me gain success over it.Voilence, in any form and with whomesoever,can never be a solution.So battle with the past is
insignificant absolutely incapable of gaining you fortitude.It could only make you hollow from inside,coz in this battle you are only hitting your inner soul unknowingly to blow off your past.Your fight is with yourself only.
"Why this happened?"
"Wish it could have not happened"
"Why me?"
"Wish I could change it."and lot more.
These questions have haunted us and the answers to these are always unsaid and unquoted.The reasons are translucent and invisible.
The only way to heal your bruised heart is making peace with your past.
Acceptance is the first step towards it and could reach you a state of consolation.Accept the Past as you do not have any better option than this.When you accept your past it becomes easier for you to let it go.
Go with the flow.Let your life flow like water and you flow with it without any fear.It is useless trying hard to go against the flow with more chances of drown.Do not run away instead face it with a smile.All the need is to make a peaceful settlement with your past.When you're gonna be in harmony and peace with the past it will stop troubling and bothering you.

Automatically you're gonna win over your past without the armaments.This is the power of peace.Therefore,with the very moment I'M GONNA MAKE PEACE WITH MY PAST!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

My 3 favourite words

Once agian I got really fascinated and excited when I came across WOW's this week prompt.
As soon as I saw the prompt,I began to peep into my mind's vocaublary box to find my favourite three words.After few minutes I got three words that are my favourites but this was a revelation for me as I have never recognized them before.WOW encouraged me and let me know how favourites and meaningful these words are in my life.

So Lets begin..

My first favourite word is life.A very small spelled word of just 4 letters in it but the  meaning it inholds is such deep and worthful to explore.I think Life is a boon to every living object on this world.We are lucky God has bestowed all of us with life.We can breathe,We can see,We can hear,We can smell,We can walk,run,dance.We can sing,We can feel,We can express,We can work,hold,chase.We can understand and so many other things.Perhaps impossible to mention them.
To me Life is a opportunity Nature has given to me which embraces me everymorning with a further new
opportunity or chance to live,express,feel,laugh,work,love and lots more.The more I think of life
and its significance,the more I am left spellbound.
"Life offered me innumerable Highs and Lows,Lights and Shadows.
At times it was a Prickly diff and the other it was Green pastures.
Everyday a new journey handful of Opportunity,every moment a new Experience.
The more I learn,the less I know.
this journey to the last gate is life."
I seem to have not enough words to express my reason to choose Life as my first and all time favourite word.

As I move to my next favourite-Love.
"Life a lamp, Love is its oil 
which burns & illuminates us.
Life a cake, sugar is the Love
which sweetens us.
When thorns of desperate pricks,Love presents roses of hope
which soothes us."
Thats the picture of love in my mind.Love is life.Love is eternal.It is that unconditional feeling that makes you feel alive.We are alive and
love is the reason.Love is strength.When going gets tough,love keeps you tough to fight and to win.Each one of our heart
is filled with love.We all love to love our dearones,family,friends,pets and more.The magic of Love cannot be expressed through words..Love keeps you moving,fighting,persevering and acheiving.The love we have in our hearts makes us generous,thankful to each and everything in our life.
Love is the source of hope,happiness and goodness.

Time is precious.To make best out of time should be our motive.Time is running and no one can afford to loose even a second.
I think It is very important to respect time as they say Time lost cannot be gained.Time could be harsh and offer you hardships,might obstruct you and
let you walk on pricky, thorny bed.But Time is benevolent too and can take you to new heights of success and present you intense happiness,good luck
and luxuries.Times challenges your hardwork,perseverance and will and bestows you success,fame and name.A side portrays Time a ruthless fellow and the other a compassionate friend.All we need to do is not disrepect the time and be forgranted.I believe at right time right and required things should be done without thinking of the consequence.Time is a teacher that punishes you and rewards you as well.Good and bad both times gives life a new dimension and adds to our existence a new experience.

"Life is a chariot,
Love is the horse
and Time are the wheels."

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

I am special because. ...

Like any hungry blog bug when this weekend I happen to come to BlogAdda with purpose of satisfying my appetite of WOW prompt,
I came across this weekend's WOW prompt "I am special because" and the very first thought that ran down my mind was This is
for me.My excitement about writing over this Prompt is obovious as I am self-lover, may be a little self-obessed in the positive way.

I have always been my favourite.'I am bestess.' 'I am a star.' 'I can do anything and everthing.' 'I am worth it.' are some of my best phrases used by me regularly to present my love and endearness to my self.I have raised myself with the thought that I am special and unquie and there's no one out there like me.Let me tell I am never stingy with compliments when it comes to appreiate and applaud me for all that I am.I have a strong belief that
a person who loves oneself can love others more and is probably loved more by others.As they say 'Happiness starts with you'.

When you love yourself you are more confident, you get that extra strength to fight over any battle.I certainly follow one thought that No one could ever uplift or encourage you better than you.You are the best source of encourage for your ownself.

I am special and there are thousands of reason of being such special.I am sure this blog of mine wouldn't be enough to mention
all of them but I'll try to bring most of them.

I am special because I am me.I love myself for whatever I am.I do not compare myself with anyone in this world.
I am special because I respect my self.My Self-respect is my pride.
I am special because I make mistakes and correct them.
I am special because I loose,I get defeated but still strive hard to be a winner.
I am special because I am a dreamer.I have the courage to dream.I believe in them.
I am special because I do it because it's in my heart not because I want something in return.
I am special because I can take my stand.I put my opinions out open and fearless.
I am special because I am a fighter.I am hard to give up on anything.I never loose.Either I win or I learn.
I am special because I value each and every relation in my life.I do the effort to let them know that I love them so much.
I am special because I am always there for my family and friends.They will find me whenever they'll in need.
I am special because I am happy,generous and kind.
I am special because I am trustworthy,reliable and dependable.
I am special because I am loyal to my relations,work and duty.
I am special because I have commitment value.I am a person of my words.
I am special because I am different from others and there is just noe of me in the whole world.
I am special because I am thankful to God,Nature and people.
I am not perfect but I am special.

I am really very happy.While writing over this prompt,I certainly started loving myself more.This activity has apparently made me a more confident and strong personality.Its really rare when you  sit and think for yourself.Anyone hardly realizes how special they are.I am lucky to have come across BlogAdda's WOW as I get a chance to let myself know how special I am.
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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Friends : My instant Boosters

Lucky enough to have some of the wonderful most precious persons in life.The best relation one can have.Not a blood relation, just a bond between two hearts.

Probably the priceless connecting bond between two people.No formalities,no conditions,no hesitation, no expectations,no demands,no envy just love and affection.When things in your life are not falling in place,I mean the right place,and you feel you are tired,tired of fighting and scared of loosing it,while you sit hopeless,discouraged,shattered,a pat comes to your back,a hand holds to your rescue,a hug of courage embraces you,impression of kiss of hope imprints in your mind and you look around only to find your lucky charms cheering you up loud.Friends are those kind of known well wishers in our lives. There are many a times in my life when I witnessed and enjoyed the love and care of my friends on me.

They have always came to my rescue whenever I was in trouble.They have always been a source of motivation and encouragement to me.
Whenever I thought I would fall down or loose the battle,they were there to make me believe that there would be no falling down and if any chance are there,they won't let me fall.Number of incidents took place in my life when I was loosing hope,almost dashed to ground,but these incredible people holded me with the ray of hope,with the fire of courage,with the dawn of faith,with the warmth of love.One such incident,last year only
A major accident took place with me,and I happen to dislocate elbow joint of my right hand and moreover exams for my graduation were taking plce.Yeah, a difficult time.Operation had to be done.This was really a tough time.I was shattered and worried to the extent.I had know idea how things were going to be alright.But these people were like saviours,they had done all those things needed to make the situation a better one.They were not only the great helping hands but also good listening ears.
They would listen all my cribbing,all my disappointment and hopeless,negative mind.Yet come up with one or the other hopeful,positive thought to me.
That is when I realized when you have such worthful people in your life,you can come out of any worse phase in your life.It is not that tough times would not take place but you definetly get that courage to fight against these harsh situation with their support.
I consider myself lucky enough to have bestest friends.And I am taking the opportunity of using Positive Vibes to thank my dear friends for all love,
affection,care,support they showered on me. Mom,bhai,Dik,Avi,PS,Anu,pandey,sadu,Jeet,Mayank. Love u all..Keep showering your love and affection on me.I have not mentioned few people here but they are equally valuable and dear to me and they very well know that.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

He drove all night...

 He drove all night...

He is a man.A man who is the bread winner of his small family.He has to live away from his family in a stranger city to earn a pretty handsome living so that he can raise his family with all the comforts.So called 'Holidays' are probably the times in the year when he get to see his family and home,and sometimes not even on holidays.To live in a stranger city alone, away from his home and family,is very tough from him.A call at night from his wife,probably was the only thing that makes him feel home.He would discuss each and every detalis and happenings of his day.This call provided him soothness and happiness.Like all the usual nights,last night too,his cell rang-up and he immediately took up the call,with a smile in his eyes,only to catch up with her.But the phone got disconnected just in five minutes.He put on his shirt,got his shoes on and He drove all night.

The road was all along empty and wide and the stars were out in full bloom.Flashing streetlights and cold breeze were his only companion.With a well of emotions in his heart,he was driving shot on an empty road.There was a plethora of emotions in his heart.Hewas in a rush,driving frantically in the middle of the empty wide road.What this night would end up bringing to him?There was a silence not only on road but also in his mind.Hardly any vehicles passed by him.He noted that his car was probably the only visible vehicle.This was a creepy experience for him.It was the first time he was driving at night but he was consistent and somehow wanted to reach his destination as early as possible.No idea what was going in his head.He was heading only to reach his destination early.

It was 5 am early in the morning.He reached his destinaton but wait it wasn't his home,it was hospital? He came out the car and ran inside the hospital,took the lift to 3rd floor.Within 20 seconds he was there.He headed towards the last room in that corridor,his mother was there.He approaches her only to ask was everything ok? But before he could ask anything, his mother congratulated him for being a daddy, a father of his newly- born angel.Yes,An angel has came into his life just one hour
ago.He was mute,still.Didn't know how to react within that moment.There was a gleam in his eyes and within no seconds he hugged his mother.He got inside the room only to meet his soulmate and angel.He kissed the forehead of his wife and with tears in his eyes, he took his little daughter in his arms.He has become a father,probably the best relation has stepped  into his life.
He Drove All Night but it was worth than anything in this world.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Dusshera has arrived.Like all the past years this year too huge effigies stuffed with firecrackers, of considerable heights (sometimes almost 100 feet high),of Ravana,his son and brother, will be set ablaze in all most every possible nook n corner of the city symbolizing the Victory over evil, success of truth,virtues over lies and sin.The triumph of good over evil is inevitable.
No matter how strong evil forces may be,they may offer infinite number of obstacles to good in the course of battle, eventually good do its job and always wins over evil after bravely confronting the obstacles offered and fighting against the evil to establish the significance of goodness,virtue,truth once more on this Earth.

But I wonder if burning of effigies of Ravana,enactment of Ramlila in ever nook and corner was to enough to remove the malice and spite of our hearts that is ever increasing.Probably the answer is a No.The wickedness has rooted itself deep into our societies,communities,home and hearts.We are rapidly moving towards the darkness,evilness day by day.The Killing of parents by their own children, disobedience to the teachers,money & property fights between brothers,grudges against our own friends,envy for others,disrespect of women in every possible way,brutal murder of love,backstabbing of trust and faith,cruel death of weak by power,ruthless contempt,vanished
sympathy and empathy and a lot more(certainly uncountable) has become so obvious and common in our world.It seems we human beings have completely lost our sole motive and purpose of being human.Humanism has succumbed to evilness.We may celebrate the victory of virtues,truth,goodness over evil on the day of dussehra every year but the fact lies underneath,unsaid that each and every single moment humanism is loosing the end-less battle against inhumanity on this Earth.We are certainly the culprits.We have, for sure, forgotten the ways and motto of being human.
M sorry guys but I think these mere celebrations of victory of good over evil is worth it.

Lets promise ourselves that this dussehra we will burn the effigy of inhumanity,hatred,envy,lie.Let the Ravana inside us,set to ablaze.Thus making our part of 'earth' a beautiful place to live.We will replenish the goodness inside us.We will become good and surround ourselves with really good
souls to successfully accomplish the motto and purpose of being human.Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil.It's constant struggle as to which one will win.The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.We must inculcate in us these three principle rules of this heavenly 'earth':(1) To love all God's creations (2)To help our fellows and every living inhabitants of this earth with utmost effort.(3)To bring and spread positivety everywhere and make happiness and truth the prime & ultimate powers in our lives.
"No Darkness is to dark to win over light, no hindrance has the worth to face a soul bright."

HAPPY DUSSEHRA guys!! Enjoy.. Stay blessed and happy..
Promote positivety and promote Positive Vibes$.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


 Mankind on this Earth cannot survuve without the compassion of their fellows..
"Love & Compassion are necessities not luxuries" -DALAI LAMA

True Fact..Compassion is a necessity of mankind and moreover I think for every living inhabitant of this Earth compassion is as necessary as food to live. A Soft Touch,a Cheering Smile,A listening Ear,an Honest Compliment,a caring & helping hand these small gestures have the potential to turn everyones life around..Hello Everyone!How are you doing? M back with one more positive thought.. COMPASSION

Haven't you noticed when your father stressed at work returns home and looks at your flawless smile,his worn-out tired face lightens up.or when someone offers his/her seat to you in a bus/train fully loaded,don't you get overwhelmed with the kind gesture offered to you.When you offer your favourite pastry with your brother/sister and they get even more happy,their happiness
reflects your love or when you know there's someone around who is always free to listen you even if you talk stupid at times,don't you feel lucky.You do,ryt? Compassion can never be underestimated.
"A Kind and Compassionate act is often its own Reward."

Every one around us is fighting some or the other battle.Chasing goals,Big Aspirations,Desirable Acheivements are never-ending.They will continue till you are not dead.But Compassion keeps you happily alive undermist of all these.It doesn't take much to reach out and lift people up.'No act of Kindness,no matter how small,is never wasted'  Thus small gestures positively
impact not only the giver and the reciever but also the people who witness them.BE COMPASSIONATE..LOVE PEOPLE AND LIVE HAPPY.

 #Radiate PositiveVibes$

Sunday, 27 September 2015


Perhaps the best mantra to live up your life happily..LETTING GO

Yes, it is about LETTING GO! I, You,They everyone of us struggle hard for quite sometime or may be too long to let go of certain things and experiences in life.Probably LETTING GO is difficult and
believe me my friends it was never easy and it will never be,but I realized that it was necessary for my own well being.It was necessary to let go of my bitter experiences and sour things in life for tasting the sweetness of new and fresh things and experiences.

This quote signifies that during our life's journey we tend to become attached to things,relationships,circumstances,or incidents of life.They become an important part of our life.
You cling to them so tightly that we cannot think of letting go.You pin our happiness to these things
and hold onto them for dear life.The dearness or attachment to these things or person is so powerful that you do not even think of parting for them,even if you know that they are not good for us or not meant for us.When you refuse to accept the reality,you conflict in your heart,and in your body which
results in anger,discontentment,hatred,anxiety,emptiness,fear,jealousy and unhappiness.

But I think LETTING GO is important.Letting go of old attachments,relationships,beliefs,or ideas that no longer serve us any good should be the way forward.If you will focus on what was in the past
you will never be able to see what lies ahead.
You cannot stop or hold on to anything in life.Stopping will only make you dull,discontented.
LETTING GO is 'not getting rid of' or 'throwing away' of the past but putting  it aside and recognizing that you are no longer attached to it.Letting go is all about moving ahead in life with hope,anticipation,excitement for positive and new things in life.

LETTING GO will help you explore the new shades of your life with new enthusiasm and spirit.
To  welcome 'Happiness' letting go is needed.So my friends Let go of bitter words,unfruitful relationships,bad experiences,unpleasant situations and oversmart  people from your life.
Big Cheers to freedom,pace,excitement,and love.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Matter of Thoughts



Two friends were walking leisurely in a garden.They were busy exploring the beauty of the different kinds of flowers of different genus that bloomed in that garden.One of them caught an eye on a Rose flower and said. Ohh pity!!! There's a lot of thorns in the Rose flower? The other friend immediately responded to his exclamation and said.. "Wow!! How beautifully this Rose flower is bloomed among these harsh thorns." Things appear to us the way they are.They nothing more than that.It is our perception that gives a new definition to any thing.Your perception towards anything builds up your thought and vision.You will give to others what you conceive.We make the things and situation the way we look at them.Shakespeare famous Quote "There's nothing like good or bad,its our thinking that makes anything good or bad." Ofcourse Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder..

Our Attitude means the way you think is the game changer of your life.Situations and Circumstances remain the same.They are still.It is your Attitude that makes a difference everytime. Your thinking is significant whether it is Optimistic or Pessimistic? When you look at others what do you see..Their flaws or goodness.
We often repent for the things that do not belong to us neglecting the things we have.Things that Almighty has bestowed us with.We ponder over the Problems not on their Solutions." It is better to keep yourselves clean and tidy and glittery coz you are like a Window,people will peep into.."said George Bernard Shaw in his discourse. Others can only help you in changing your perception but at last It is you and will always be who can make a difference to your attitude.

Anything can be taken away from a person but his Attitude.How he behaves under circumstances can never be taken away from him.It is his thought that will help in paving path to his ultimate destination.

CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE.. First Develop  a positive Attitude and then your Attitude will develop a positive personality of urs..

Friday, 10 July 2015


Ravana tries his best to persuade Sita to become his wife. He wonders what point there is waiting for Rama.Sita is dressed in tatters, most unbecoming of her beauty, he says.He offers her all the luxuries at her disposal.If Sita were to become his wife,then she will be the foremost among all the women in his harem.

Sita scorns Ravana's suggestions and says that she will never succumb to his offers.Lanka has wealth and many things to commend it,but it is goimg to be destroyed because of the sin of one man Ravana.He has abducted Her in a cowardly manner. He can never stand up to Rama's might.When Ravana is killed people will rejoice, says Sita because the world is happy to be rid of a sinner.

Sita pulls up a BLADE OF GRASS and places it before Her, as if it is barrier between Her and the demon King.And indeed the grass is a barrier.It's all about the FAITH one has in the heart for ALMIGHTY.So even a blade of grass is a potent weapon where the Lord is concerned.The Lord emanated from a pillar to save Prahalada. Just as He is present in pillar,so is He present in a Blade of grass, and can emerge out of anything and anywhere to save his devotees.

Faith is a big thing and your faith can be so powerful that it can move mountains.So the grass that Sita places before her, is not a mere blade of grass, but a lot more.It's the reflection of Her Faith and Devotion.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How Hypocritic is our WORLD!!

Women Empowerment is all the hot n happening topic of all times in our country..Women should be given an equal status as men in the society.They are in no way weaker than males.We should stop looking at them as a weaker sex.They have all the capabilities rather they can be really better then men in so many things...bla bla bla..!!! 'Jitne muh utni hi achi baatein'..
You all must have heard these lines several times whenever you would have come across this so called "hot n happening" topic of all times..But Do you think all the above stated words really mean in our society.We are the residents of emerging India which is progressing, becoming modern day by day,technology is at its best n moreover we as Indians have become more open minded.We talk about Women Empowerment now..Wow it is so great..'Hum to tarakkee kr rhe h'  We should be applauded for this..I mean really.

Really are we changing ...?? Have become open minded..?? No...I think not really.We just talk good and that is exactly we love to..But I guess reality is whole lot a opposite side.We live in a "hypocritic" world that only knows to talk good.Here are some good lines used often by us to manifest the Women Empowerment..have a look n think..!!
Congrats!! this is the women EMPOWERMENT.. 'bade bade changes to hum asani se kr lenge pehle in choti baaton ko to smbhal lein'