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Saturday, 24 October 2015

He drove all night...

 He drove all night...

He is a man.A man who is the bread winner of his small family.He has to live away from his family in a stranger city to earn a pretty handsome living so that he can raise his family with all the comforts.So called 'Holidays' are probably the times in the year when he get to see his family and home,and sometimes not even on holidays.To live in a stranger city alone, away from his home and family,is very tough from him.A call at night from his wife,probably was the only thing that makes him feel home.He would discuss each and every detalis and happenings of his day.This call provided him soothness and happiness.Like all the usual nights,last night too,his cell rang-up and he immediately took up the call,with a smile in his eyes,only to catch up with her.But the phone got disconnected just in five minutes.He put on his shirt,got his shoes on and He drove all night.

The road was all along empty and wide and the stars were out in full bloom.Flashing streetlights and cold breeze were his only companion.With a well of emotions in his heart,he was driving shot on an empty road.There was a plethora of emotions in his heart.Hewas in a rush,driving frantically in the middle of the empty wide road.What this night would end up bringing to him?There was a silence not only on road but also in his mind.Hardly any vehicles passed by him.He noted that his car was probably the only visible vehicle.This was a creepy experience for him.It was the first time he was driving at night but he was consistent and somehow wanted to reach his destination as early as possible.No idea what was going in his head.He was heading only to reach his destination early.

It was 5 am early in the morning.He reached his destinaton but wait it wasn't his home,it was hospital? He came out the car and ran inside the hospital,took the lift to 3rd floor.Within 20 seconds he was there.He headed towards the last room in that corridor,his mother was there.He approaches her only to ask was everything ok? But before he could ask anything, his mother congratulated him for being a daddy, a father of his newly- born angel.Yes,An angel has came into his life just one hour
ago.He was mute,still.Didn't know how to react within that moment.There was a gleam in his eyes and within no seconds he hugged his mother.He got inside the room only to meet his soulmate and angel.He kissed the forehead of his wife and with tears in his eyes, he took his little daughter in his arms.He has become a father,probably the best relation has stepped  into his life.
He Drove All Night but it was worth than anything in this world.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Dusshera has arrived.Like all the past years this year too huge effigies stuffed with firecrackers, of considerable heights (sometimes almost 100 feet high),of Ravana,his son and brother, will be set ablaze in all most every possible nook n corner of the city symbolizing the Victory over evil, success of truth,virtues over lies and sin.The triumph of good over evil is inevitable.
No matter how strong evil forces may be,they may offer infinite number of obstacles to good in the course of battle, eventually good do its job and always wins over evil after bravely confronting the obstacles offered and fighting against the evil to establish the significance of goodness,virtue,truth once more on this Earth.

But I wonder if burning of effigies of Ravana,enactment of Ramlila in ever nook and corner was to enough to remove the malice and spite of our hearts that is ever increasing.Probably the answer is a No.The wickedness has rooted itself deep into our societies,communities,home and hearts.We are rapidly moving towards the darkness,evilness day by day.The Killing of parents by their own children, disobedience to the teachers,money & property fights between brothers,grudges against our own friends,envy for others,disrespect of women in every possible way,brutal murder of love,backstabbing of trust and faith,cruel death of weak by power,ruthless contempt,vanished
sympathy and empathy and a lot more(certainly uncountable) has become so obvious and common in our world.It seems we human beings have completely lost our sole motive and purpose of being human.Humanism has succumbed to evilness.We may celebrate the victory of virtues,truth,goodness over evil on the day of dussehra every year but the fact lies underneath,unsaid that each and every single moment humanism is loosing the end-less battle against inhumanity on this Earth.We are certainly the culprits.We have, for sure, forgotten the ways and motto of being human.
M sorry guys but I think these mere celebrations of victory of good over evil is worth it.

Lets promise ourselves that this dussehra we will burn the effigy of inhumanity,hatred,envy,lie.Let the Ravana inside us,set to ablaze.Thus making our part of 'earth' a beautiful place to live.We will replenish the goodness inside us.We will become good and surround ourselves with really good
souls to successfully accomplish the motto and purpose of being human.Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil.It's constant struggle as to which one will win.The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.We must inculcate in us these three principle rules of this heavenly 'earth':(1) To love all God's creations (2)To help our fellows and every living inhabitants of this earth with utmost effort.(3)To bring and spread positivety everywhere and make happiness and truth the prime & ultimate powers in our lives.
"No Darkness is to dark to win over light, no hindrance has the worth to face a soul bright."

HAPPY DUSSEHRA guys!! Enjoy.. Stay blessed and happy..
Promote positivety and promote Positive Vibes$.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


 Mankind on this Earth cannot survuve without the compassion of their fellows..
"Love & Compassion are necessities not luxuries" -DALAI LAMA

True Fact..Compassion is a necessity of mankind and moreover I think for every living inhabitant of this Earth compassion is as necessary as food to live. A Soft Touch,a Cheering Smile,A listening Ear,an Honest Compliment,a caring & helping hand these small gestures have the potential to turn everyones life around..Hello Everyone!How are you doing? M back with one more positive thought.. COMPASSION

Haven't you noticed when your father stressed at work returns home and looks at your flawless smile,his worn-out tired face lightens up.or when someone offers his/her seat to you in a bus/train fully loaded,don't you get overwhelmed with the kind gesture offered to you.When you offer your favourite pastry with your brother/sister and they get even more happy,their happiness
reflects your love or when you know there's someone around who is always free to listen you even if you talk stupid at times,don't you feel lucky.You do,ryt? Compassion can never be underestimated.
"A Kind and Compassionate act is often its own Reward."

Every one around us is fighting some or the other battle.Chasing goals,Big Aspirations,Desirable Acheivements are never-ending.They will continue till you are not dead.But Compassion keeps you happily alive undermist of all these.It doesn't take much to reach out and lift people up.'No act of Kindness,no matter how small,is never wasted'  Thus small gestures positively
impact not only the giver and the reciever but also the people who witness them.BE COMPASSIONATE..LOVE PEOPLE AND LIVE HAPPY.

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